Activities in Dahican Beach

If you're a nature lover or a beach bum whose itching for a Swim or Skim or Surf or Scuba Dive or simply wanting to relax and unwind.... we love to see you in Kubo Sa Dahican Beach Resort - a great place and fun to be!

Wondering what things you can do in Dahican? Loosen up and try the following options:

Surfing - enjoy great waves all year round so get on board!

Skim boarding - visit the local skim-board champions at "Amihan sa Dahican" - they offer surfing and skim-boarding lessons

Scuba Diving - there's a big chance you get to see the placid dugongs and playful dolphins around Dahican waters


Trail riding/ mountain biking


Swimming and Picnic on the beach

Team-building - we have ample space to hold team-building activities 

Strolling along the beach - be it sunrise or sunset or in broad daylight; no one stops you from exploring the world :)

Dolphin watching - bangkas can be organized from the local fisher-folks who rent out their boats to tourists

Observing turtle hatchlings at 'Amihan sa Dahican' - seeing these cute baby turtles will definitely incite more interest in caring for our environment!

Ultra light plane ride - visit Mati airport

Summer Frolic Party - this has become an annual event in Dahican beach strip (check with organizers for actual dates) - it's a colorful music festival with the best DJs in the country.

Other places to see whilst in Mati:

Island tour (Waniban and Pujada) - hire a boat from Brgy. Bobon (any of the resorts along that shoreline offers boat hire)

Baywalk: a.k.a seaside - watch the sunset or have your photo taken at the "i love Mati" installation - you can enjoy a drink or two at the restaurants. Or maybe sample the delicious lumpia and empanada at Seaside restaurant.

Visit Subangan Museum: say hello to "DavOr " (a 53-ft long sperm whale skeleton) as you enter Subangan. Get to know the local arts and culture and read about Davao Oriental's flora and fauna.


Ultra-light plane hovering over Kubo sa Dahican resort:


Waniban Island tour: